Camping Policy

  • Noble View is a self-service facility that could be shared with others during your stay. Please be considerate, introduce yourself, and discuss the sharing of chore responsibilities as outlined. As guests, you are our volunteer team.
  • Camping areas are assigned. Any camping outside of the assigned area is strictly prohibited unless approved by an AMC Noble View Committee person or AMC employee.
  • Back Country camping is strictly prohibited.
  • Respect our property. Treat it as your own.
  • Quiet hours are 9:00 p.m. – 7:00 a.m.
  • Please do not feed the deer or any other animals.
  • Consumption of wine and beer (no hard liquor) is RESTRICTED to Social Hour and Dinner.
  • Dogs must have an up to date rabies vaccination record or tag. The tag or record must be available during the stay. The dog must be under control at all times. Only two dogs per party are permitted during an overnight stay.
    • Help us maintain a clean, healthy environment. Always clean up after your pet. Properly dispose of pet waste and pet food
  • Carry in, Carry out procedures – LEAVE NO TRACE: Anything brought in by a guest must by removed by that guest. This includes all leftover food and trash. Noble View has no means of trash disposal. Please familiarize yourself with proper waste disposal and conservation methods.
  • Outside fireplace and campfire areas may be shared with other day & overnight guests.
  • Open fires, using existing fire rings, are generally permitted on our property.
  • Occasionally, due to weather conditions or camping location, open fires may be prohibited by the Fire Dept., an AMC Noble View Committee person or AMC employee.
  • Fires may not be built in places other than existing fire rings.
  • No new fire rings may be constructed – please use the existing fire rings.
  • Open fires must be maintained in accordance with procedures outlined

Familiarize yourself with fire safety.

  • ASH DISPOSAL Fill the ash bucket with water to insure that the ash and coals are out. Empty the ashes in a safe manner. Care must be taken when using outside fireplaces & campfire areas.
    • Please do not leave the fire unattended, the fire must be in your control at all times
    • Do not burn trash; only use firewood as provided.
    • During the existence of extreme fire hazard periods (outside burning bans), no fires will be permitted in any outside fireplaces or fire pits.
    • Campfires must be extinguished by midnight.
  • Do not burn trash, glass, cans, or any other non flammable items in the fire rings $5.00 will be charged if these items are found in the fire rings.
Live Trees & Ground Cover
  • Trees and brush may not be cut or damaged.
  • Ground cover should be left in place.
  • No fire holes, ditches, or grease pits may be dug.
Flammable Liquids

Stoves, lanterns, heaters, or any appliances using liquid fuel are to be used under adult supervision.

Open Flames

Open flames of any kind are not permitted in any buildings, other structures, or tents.


The speed limit on our property is 15 MPH.

Loading-unloading areas may not be used for parking, other than during active loading or unloading. No vehicles, other than those bearing Handicapped license plates or a valid Handicap tag, may park at the Double Cottage or the Farm House. Vehicles must be parked in the parking lot.

ALL PARKING: except for handicap vehicles must park in the upper parking lot (marked). It is permissible to drive to the building to unload & reload. Parking in a handicap area within the state of Massachusetts is a $300.00 fine – the State Police check & will issue tickets.

Adult Supervision of Youth Guests

Youth guests must be actively supervised by adult chaperones

Disorderly Conduct

Behavior that causes others to complain and/or a disregard for rules may result in eviction without refund.


  • Any damage costs will be collected to the full extent as permitted by law.
  • Any persons who by his or her actions violate any provisions of the camp policy or fail to comply with any reasonable request of any authorized AMC Noble View Committee person or AMC employee are subject to eviction.
  • Any person may also be denied admittance to and/or suspended from the AMC Noble View property for a period of time to be recommended by the Camp Chairperson and approved by the AMC Noble View Committee, for violating any provision thereof, including failing to comply with any reasonable request of any authorized AMC Noble View Committee person or AMC employee.

You’re responsible

Noble View is a self-service facility that strives to keep costs as low as possible by volunteer management and the self-service policy. There are no janitors or ground keepers to clean up after you. Please do your part to maintain these facilities.

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