Our Supporters

We’re very grateful to the following people and organizations that donated their products and services, or offered them at or below cost. We endorse them and recommend them to you, and hope that you have an opportunity to patronize them.

Glen A. Ayers, R.S., C.H.O., Leverett, MA
Glen donated his time and professional expertise for the redesign of the bath house waste water treatment system.

Caldon Construction Company, Inc., Hampden, MA
Edward Caldon

Ed provided blasting services for the Double Cottage and the Bath House projects.

Community Foundation of Western Massachusetts (www.communityfoundation.org)
Provided a grant for renovations.

Conklin Office Furniture, Inc., Holyoke, MA (www.conklinoffice.com)
Rosemary Arnold

Rosemary supplied chairs for the Double Cottage.

Conserval Engineering, Inc., Toronto, Canada (www.solarwall.com)
John Hollick, CEO

John supplied the SolarWall for the south elevation of the Bath House. SolarWall allows us to heat and cool the Bath House using only the energy necessary to power fans occasionally. An amazing product!

Construction Fasteners Supply, Westfield, MA
These folks have supplied fasteners for all our projects.

DAC Sales, W. Kennebunk, ME (www.dac-hvac.com)
David Goodman

As SolarWall’s New England manufacturer’s representative, David facilitated the SolarWall portion of the Bath House project.

DAS Alarm Systems, Inc., Russell, MA
David Schenna

David alarmed the Double Cottage for us.

HFP Corporation, Westfield, MA (www.hfpsprinkler.com)
Jack Viola and David Smith

Jack and David installed life safety sprinkler protection in the Double Cottage, and are engineering the life safety sprinkler protection for the North Cottage.

Stephen Jablonski Architects, Springfield, MA (www.stevejablonski.com)
Stephen Jablonski, AIA, Principal

Steve provided drawings and services for the renovation of the Double Cottage, completed in 2006.

Kellogg Brothers Concrete, Southwick, MA
Seth Kellogg

Provided concrete for the Double Cottage foundation.

Kuhn Riddle Architects, Amherst, MA (www.kuhnriddle.com)
Erica Rioux Gees, AIA

This firm provided drawings and services for the Bath House design.

Kurtz, Inc., General Contractors, Westfield MA (http://kurtz-inc.com)
Provided labor for the Bath House framing.

The Lane Construction Corporation, Westfield, MA (www.laneconstruct.com)
John S. Lane & Son, Westfield, MA (www.jslane.com)

Both of these firms supplied gravel and crushed stone for our entry road and parking lot.

New England Regional Council of Carpenters
Carpenters Union Local 108, Springfield, MA (www.necarpenters.org)

Participants in Local 108’s Western Massachusetts Carpenters Apprenticeship Program worked on the Double Cottage renovation and, more recently, on the Bath House and North Cottage.

Northeast Geoscience, Inc., Clinton MA (www.northeastgeoscience.com)
Jay Billings

Jay is doing engineering work for our public water supply permitting process.

Pioneer Valley PhotoVoltaics Cooperative, Greenfield, MA (www.pvsquared.coop)
These folks supplied and installed the Bath House photovoltaic system.

Rolf, Jensen, & Associates, Inc., Boston (www.rjainc.com)
Edward Orazine

Ed engineered the life safety fire protection system for the Double Cottage.

Thermotech Fiberglass Fenestration Ltd., Ottawa, Canada (www.thermotechfiberglass.com)
The world’s most energy efficient windows and doors!

Tighe & Bond, Westfield, MA (www.tighebond.com)
David E. Pinsky, P.E, President and Chairman of the Board
David L. Loring, P.E., LEED AP, Senior Project Manager
Jeremy J. Cigal

Tighe & Bond provided drawings and services for the redesign of the bath house waste water treatment system.

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